Tonstudio Berlin - Tricone Studios

Tonstudio Berlin Recording Studio
Tricone Studios is a professional recording studio in Berlin, Germany. Above all, our aim is to provide a creative and relaxed atmosphere where musicians can record with the comfort needed to achieve their desired results. What makes Tricone Studios stand out among the many recording facilities on offer today, are mainly two things: Firstly, the sound of our recording rooms. We are located in the original studio rooms of one of the most unique recording facilities in the world: The Funkhaus in Nalepastrasse. This legendary 1950s building complex previously functioned as the major recording and broadcasting center for all of Eastern Germany. These original recording rooms adhere to the finest acoustic principles, providing a beautifully warm and crisp sound due to such detailed engineering when the premises was originally built. These acoustics help dramatically to give a great sound from the word ?go? and provide an inspiring workspace that will help you to pursue your artistic vision. Secondly, and no less important, the people who work at Tricone Studios are experienced musicians themselves. We understand what it takes to get the right feeling for recording your music as well as the technical requirements to achieve the right sound. Our Team of Producers and Audio Engineers will always take the time to discuss exactly what is needed to suit your specific concept. In order to have a closer look at the architecture of Tricone Studios and its beautiful surroundings directly on the Spree River, please take a look at our photo section or contact us directly to arrange a visit.
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